You can't be serious & rigid all the times and expect people to listen and follow you...

It takes a little bit of mingling with people, talk to them, about their family & life, be casual, make a connection, be an easy approachable guy or girl...

And see what wonders you can drive at work!

#work #people #safety

When no one is injured or harmed, it means that the workplace is safe?

Does Lagging Indicators shall solely represent the workplace safety?

I believe, safety at workplace is much more than injuries...

It's the notion with which the whole organization flows in a direction with care for each other creating a environment which fosters Positivity!

#safety #environment #workplace

We are not defined by our possessions or the sum of our bank accounts..

we're defined by what is in our hearts❤️

When our lives have come to pass, it is the way we have affected others that will be remembered for eternity!🍃

#life #value #motivation

Line managers are responsible to manage safety at workplace along with other responsibilities of production, quality, on time delivery, cost, etc.

In many organizations safety is not mutually exclusive to other aspects of the business.

Importantly safety experts are not program gatekeepers but advisors to line management helping them identify problems, resolve issues and build their internal risk competency.

To make a shift at first place, include this into job description & job offers at first place so that they understood it at early stage💡

#safety #job #management #business #quality

How to simplify your safety programs to showcase real results?🤨

Here's what you do:

🚩 Shift the ownership of Safety to the line managers!

🚩 Engage the Frontline people in Safety

🚩 Redefine safety metrics by rightly choosing the Leading Indicators

🚩 Engage and seek to learn, not to blame

🚩 Speak up - Openly and Often

🚩 Make your stats work for you by correlating Moral Social and Financial impacts

#safety #work #people #safetyculture

Stay Positive

Stay Strong

Stay Brave

Stay Focused

Stay Live

Stay Healthy

Stay Ambitious

Stay Fighting

Best thing you can do to increase happiness, wealth and satisfaction:

Find yourself a group of positive people and stick with them.

#happiness #people #grow

My intent in terms of Health & Safety has always been to act as a guiding light protecting our present and future with distinctive innovation!

Wishing you - especially the hidden child in each one of us, a very Happy Children’s Day.

#childrensday2021 #safety #innovation #future

Behavior Based Safety also termed as "BBS"

In HSE, we often hear alot on BBS but in practical terms see a lot less..

How can we really see the change?

An effective behavior based safety (BBS) program shall include a focus on management behavior, not just frontline behavior.

'Basically it's the Management which creates and maintains the systems within which people work so their behavior (creating and maintaining systems that support safety) is an important focus of a good behavioral approach.'

What to see some real change?

Start from the TOP🔝

#safety #work #management #people #change

Dreams bring hope!

They drive passion!

What is life without dreams?

But dreams take work too. Work on our part to make the changes that move us closer to them.

Life can get hard sometimes and it is easy to let our dreams get sidetracked.

Hope that we all find a purpose leaving us inspired to chase those dreams..

As Lupita Nyong'o once said, “No matter where you're from your dreams are valid"

#dreams #work #life

Amitabh Bhattacharya

HSE Leader | Occupational Health Safety & Environment Professional | HSE Consultant | Safety Guy | EHS |

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